Exposure to formaldehyde at work

Exposure to formaldehyde at work; Important research of 2021

There are many occupations today that expose people to formaldehyde. Every day, we are at risk of exposure to formaldehyde at work in chemical and industrial environments. Research shows that being in these environments for a long time can cause cognitive disorders in the human body. This research was published on December 22, 2021, by the Medical Journal of the American Academy of Neurology. In the following of this article on neuroscience network, we will get to know more about formaldehyde, and we will examine contamination by this substance at work.

Damages of exposure to formaldehyde at work

Formaldehyde injuries at work
Formaldehyde injuries at work

The damage caused by formaldehyde is very high, so doctors greatly emphasize this issue. According to recent research, exposure to formaldehyde at work for an extended period is linked to dangerous cancers. Some cancers can be caused by long-term exposure to formaldehyde. In addition to cancer, exposure to formaldehyde can cause cognitive impairment.

For example, a director was exposed to formaldehyde for 22 years because of his work. After the tests on this person, the results were precise. This director is 21% more likely to suffer from cognitive disorders than ordinary people.

Tests carried out by experts in France

Experts test about exposure to formaldehyde at work
Experts test exposure to formaldehyde at work

In France, a study was conducted on formaldehyde. This study selected 75322 people with an average age of 58 years. Of these, 8% were engaged in work that exposed them to formaldehyde. After categorizing this range of people according to their education, age, gender, and work experience, a survey was taken of them. This test was in different stages: memory, attention, reasoning, and intellectual ability. After the trial, experts considered a cognitive score for them.

Finally, the researchers discovered significant findings by examining the test and considering all the influential factors. People exposed to formaldehyde at work have an average of 17% more mental and memory problems than ordinary people. This is a high percentage and has attracted the attention of neuroscience researchers.

Who is exposed to formaldehyde at work?

People exposed to formaldehyde
People are exposed to formaldehyde.

Fortunately, few people have been exposed to formaldehyde at work in the last few years. But scientists now consider this danger serious. Thousands of people still work in formaldehyde environments and are exposed to chemicals. These people may experience cognitive impairment after some time, or many diseases may come to them in the long term. Occupations that may be dangerous in terms of exposure to formaldehyde include:

  • Nurses and medical care
  • Medical technicians
  • Directors of textile industries
  • Chemists
  • Carpenters and sweepers

What measures are taken to deal with exposure to formaldehyde at work?

Ways to deal with formaldehyde
Ways to deal with formaldehyde

Nowadays, people do many things to deal with exposure to formaldehyde at work. They do not enter jobs that deal with chemicals. In addition to the individuals themselves, companies also think about their workers in this field. Companies are looking for ways to reduce workers’ exposure to chemicals and maximize their activities in these environments.

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