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The neuroscience network was established to develop neuroscience. In this collection, we bring together masters, researchers, profiles, students, enthusiasts, courses, and events. You can see the latest trend news and videos in the neuroscience network. Considering your needs, we have collected music on various topics and recent research. Below, you can see the Vision and the mission of this network.

Neuroscience Network Visions

Neuroscience Network Visions is divided into different categories. We created this network with other goals, for example:

  • Advances in neuroscience around the world
  • Holding events and online courses
  • Creating a scientific platform for all those interested in neuroscience
  • Access to news
  • The most access to neuroscience scientific information
  • Getting to know the world’s leading experts
  • Outsourcing and assembling the research team for the future
  • Finding a job in neuroscience
  • A free network for everyone!

Neuroscience Network missions

The missions we have in this network are very diverse. We have brought many items into the network according to your needs, such as:

  • Information about the latest news and articles on neuroscience
  • Our network as a social network
  • Showing the neuroscience research process in different fields
  • Introduction of neuroscience mentors
  • Holding and supporting online neuroscience training courses
  • Creating online groups and connecting professors and students

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