About Network

The Neuroscience Network (NN) was launched in 2021 as the world’s first neuroscience social network platform. We have developed a technology to assist users in communicating and interacting with a variety of purposes. Our platform allows you to, either publicly or privately, share posts (including: links, images, videos, text, etc.), create groups and make discussions in order to connect the global community of enthusiasts, activists, researchers and scientists. In this network, we have also provided facilities such as: holding meetings, conferences and training courses; job opportunities for employment applicants offered by employers as well as informing important events and news in neuroscience field.
We aim to connect all enthusiastic individuals about the great community of neuroscientists worldwide. Based on this context, they may work together, regardless any restrictions to advance this important branch of science. As mentioned before, in addition to provide scientific progress for those who deal with this field, our network will also yield job advancement by connecting them to active industries which are looking for specialized personnel.
We strive to maximize personal security of each user (as a red line) and observance of ethical principles, which are achieved by using a special security technology and constantly monitoring each activity on the platform.
Given to this fact that the field of neuroscience is vast and an interdisciplinary one, The Neuroscience Network is not only dedicated to its specialists, but we are expanding to engage the specialists of medical sciences, biological sciences and even computer sciences as well as medical engineers who will play a significant role in our platform. These experts’ position will be pre-eminent, as the ultimate goal of this network is to accelerate scientific progress by creating links between researchers related to neuroscience. We believe that neuroscience, alongside its status in academia, someday, will take an extremely high position in industry arena, and the target will be possible by effectively connecting industrial employers with researchers and academics. At the Neuroscience Network, we strongly believe in the superiority of science, so by creating our network, we will do our best to improve it throughout the world.