Brain and Heart Podcast

The Brain and Heart Podcast; The fantastic competition! Podcast number 1

Here we are! Today we come up with a questionable task. We all feel that the brain and heart are more than an organism in the body. We sometimes feel some fantastic feelings that no paragraph of any scientific book can not explain it. (If you feel so, agree with us in the comments section:) So we came to duty to make a podcast titled “The Brain and Heart Podcast.” We come together at the neuroscience network to learn more about neuroscience, and this podcast series will help us.

What is said in The Brain and Heart Podcast?

The Brain and Heart Podcast explains that everyone struggles between heart and brain. This will so essential if you can not make a decision. We said a lot about these two organisms’ functions. Let’s not talk about more; listen and enjoy:

Please tell us your opinion in the comments about the heart and brain functions for us.

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